On Screen Text Log


This is a basic text log that can be used to display text on screen in a FRB application. I used it to display the output from the lidgren log.

To use it you need to:
Define a log at class scope.

ILogger mLogger;

Initialise it and call StartUp with the position, the amount of characters per line, and the amount of lines.

Vector3 LoggerPos;
LoggerPos.X = -20;
LoggerPos.Y = -10;
LoggerPos.Z = -0;

int CharactersPerLine;
CharactersPerLine = 66;

int AmountOfLines;
AmountOfLines = 15;

mLogger = new ILogger();
mLogger.StartUp(LoggerPos, CharactersPerLine, AmountOfLines);

Then all you need to do is pass a string to it whenever you would like to display something on the log.

mLogger.Write("This will be sent to the logger, if it has more than the set number of CharactersPerLine, it will be split into muliple lines");

Don't forget to add this to the destroy method of whatever you are using it for:


I don't really plan on changing it anymore and I know it's really simple but I Hope it helps!

On Screen Text Log
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