Smooth Scrolling Container


This Entity implements kinetic scrolling which is common on smart phones as well as an edge bounce similar to the edge squish performed by Windows Phone 7's Metro UI.

This UI provides a number of variables to modify its behavior - it can be used in 2D and 3D setups, horizontal/vertical/both setups, and numerous coefficients are available to tune directly in Glue. It also provides a default 2D and 3D state so you can quickly test it out in your application.

To use this Entity, simply add it to your project and add Entity instances to it through Glue. If you add the instances through Glue, the Entities will automatically be attached to the SmoothScrollingContainer Entity. You will likely want to exclude added instances from IClickable.


1.1: Entity now has common variables marked as SetByDerived.

Smooth Scrolling Container
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