Glue Build V.1


Update: This plugin has been extended and improved. For the latest version, check

Glue Build is a simple plugin for Glue. It is used for quickly building and testing your FlatRedBall projects from Glue, without launching Visual Studio. It comes with a built in output and the ability to select different version of the .NET framework.

To install simply place the folder named "GlueBuild" inside the Glue/Plugins folder located in; example(D:\Program Files (x86)\FlatRedBall\FRBDK\Xna 4 Tools\Plugins)

Should see a menu on top named "Glue Build".

Works only with the FRB XNA 4.0 template.

Next Release:
-Will work with all the default Glue templates.
-A few bug fixes.

Glue Build V.1
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