FRBDK Updater


This plug-in allows you to download a particular build (currently just the daily build) to a particular folder.

Directions: Extract zip into the Plugins folder next to Glue.exe. Open the update window under the plug-ins menu item. Select the folder and the build you want to update the folder to.

This will download the daily build to a folder so you can use the latest tools. Eventually, we will have other builds added. When you click sync, Glue will be closed and the updater will run.


- Added check when opening updater executable to check for a second internal folder due to the fact that the default for windows zip extractor to create a new folder.

- Changed plug-in to run update in separate application and close glue. This is to allow Glue to be updated.
- Changed name from FRBDKSync to FRBDKUpdater.

FRBDK Updater
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