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This is a tool that is designed to integrate directly into the Glue tool which will let you specify Tiled Map Editor files (.tmx) with the "Add Externally Built File" option.

Simply place the exe somewhere useful to you, and in Glue do the following:

Update your glue to the daily build.

1. Click the settings menu, and choose File Build Tools
2. Click "Add new build tool"
3. In the primary arguments:
a. Build Tool: Path to the exe
b. SourceFileType: tmx
c. DestinationFileType: scnx
In the list on the left, you should see: *.tmx -> TmxToScnx.exe -> *.scnx
4. Click ok.

The tool is now integrated into Glue. In order to use it, follow these steps:
1. In any scene, right click on "files"
2. Select Add Externally Built File
3. Select the .tmx file

Glue will automatically run the tmx file through the build tool, and generate a .scnx file in your Glue project. All changes to the .tmx file will now automatically trigger updates to the .scnx file as long as Glue is open.

For fun, try having GlueView open to the scene while you update the tmx file using Tiled Map Editor. GlueView should automatically render the new changes.

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