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Edit your AnimationChain files (.achx) right in Glue. Provides ability to edit Sprites in texture coordinate mode, pixel mode, and sprite sheet mode.

This can be used in addition to the AnimationEditor as it will not block the double-click functionality.

To use it:

* Install the plugin
* Add a .achx file in Glue
* That's it!

Simply selecting the .achx file will automatically make the editor show up in glue.

New version uploaded Sept 1 2012:
* Added ability to zoom in and out.
* Added preview window to show animation and current frame.
* Added pixel-perfect region selection.
* Added ability to drag an entire region by the middle rather than by the edges.
* Fixed bug where setting the height of a frame in Pixel mode wouldn't properly set the height.

AnimationEditor Glue Plugin
AnimationEditor Glue Plugin
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