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Edit your AnimationChain files (.achx) right in Glue. Provides ability to edit Sprites in texture coordinate mode, pixel mode, and sprite sheet mode.

This can be used in addition to the AnimationEditor as it will not block the double-click functionality.

To use it:

* Install the plugin
* Add a .achx file in Glue
* That's it!

For more detailed information, see the tutorial here:


Updated October 16, 2013:
* Fixed tree view collapsing when adding/removing a frame

Updated October 10, 2013:
* Greatly improved the performance of the wireframe selection tool
* Fixed crash occurring when selecting a really large opaque area with the wireframe tool.

Updated October 1, 2013:
* Added scroll bars to the top window for panning without a middle mouse button.

Updated August 31, 2013:
* Updated to latest rendering library:
** Adds dotted lines for some outlines
** Fixes crash occurring when shrinking the window too smal
* Sprite sheet controls only display when in sprite sheet coordinate mode

Updated August 12, 2013:
* Fixed a bug where copy/paste wouldn't cause an animation file to save in Glue.

Updated July 24, 2013:
* Added more informative error regarding the accompanying file saving message. This will help track down this bug.

Updated May 31, 2013:
* Fixed a bug where "Paste" and "Add Animation" wouldn't show up when clicking on a blank space in the tree view on the left.

Updated April 28, 2013:
* Fixed bug where drag+dropping a file would not refresh the tree view, so the animation name wouldn't be updated to the texture that was just dropped.
* Fixed bug where confirmation for setting textures on frames and animations would only give "OK" option and no "Cancel" option
* Fixed bug where drag+dropping textures wouldn't save the .achx file.

Updated April 21, 2013:
* AnimationEditor no longer re-loads all textures when switching between different AnimationChains that use the same textures. This greatly improves performance when switching animations.
* Added the ability to set all animation chain alignments to the bottom - a common setup for platformers and other side-scrolling games.
* Added the ability to CTRL+C, CTRL+V to copy/paste animations.
* Camera settings no longer reset when switching between animations.
* Fixed bug where right-click commands were not resulting in the .achx being saved.
* Fixed onion skin offsets not being properly applied.

Update April 14, 2013:
* Saving a .achx now saves a companion properties file which stores the multiplier and guides. This may be expanded in the future.
* Added support for drag+drop textures on AnimationChains and AnimationFrames
* Added "magic wand" tool for setting frame coordinates quickly.
* Fixed bug where the cursor would turn into a arrow when over vertical guides, but not in the preview window.
* Fixed some exceptions that occurred on startup.

Update April 11, 2013:
* Added offset multiplier which allows offsets to be set using a familiar pixel coordinate, but the resulting .achx can be applied to objects which are not of pixel size .5 in FRB.
* Preview window is now top-left justified.
* Onion skin takes into consideration orientation and offsets.

Update Mar 3, 2013:
* Fixed some crashes occurring when selecting objects when an AnimationFrame didn't have a Texture set.

Update Feb 20 2013:
* User is now notified if the used texture is wider or taller than 2048 pixels since this will not work on many graphics cards.

Update Feb 3 2013:
* Fixed graphics device lost bug occurring when locking the computer or letting the computer fall asleep.

Update Jan 19 2013:
* Fixed numerous crashes related to a source texture not being found - occurs if you delete a texture being used by an animation.

Update Oct 29 2012 (Thanks scali for the bug report):
* Fixed a crash occurring when deselecting then reselecting a frame with a null texture.
* Fixed resizing not working properly in pixel mode when zooming in.

Update Oct 28 2012 (thanks Zunath for the bug reports):
* Dragging the handles when in pixel mode will now only set values that are actually to-the-pixel
* The cursor will accurately reflect what you are dragging rather than switch to a different cursor if it is moved off of the handle.
* Setting the X or Y of a frame in the PropertyGrid will now shift the right and bottom sides of the frame. This makes it easier to shift frames around, and addresses issues with the frame width and height becoming 0 or negative.

Update Oct 14 2012:
* Added rulers to the preview window (both horizontal and vertical)
* Added camera panning/zooming to the preview window
* Added guide support to the preview window
* Fixed a few bugs related to status text
* Fixed various graphical and cursor bugs
* Fixed a bug where frame offsets weren't being applied

Update Oct 6 2012:
* Fixed part of the preview getting cut off by the combo box
* Added status text to help the user know what to do when there are no Animations or no Frames.
* Added a check to make sure the user doesn't add an empty-named Animation.
* Added a "Add" menu item which works along the right-click menu for adding frames and animations.

Update Sept 21 2012:
* Plugin now reloads files when they change on disk
* User is asked if added files should be made relative to the .achx. Files are copied if so (similar to old AnimationEditor)
* Added option for onion skinning - currently just shows the last frame
* Sprites now flip properly
* Fixed numerous crashes.

Update Sept 1 2012:
* Added ability to zoom in and out.
* Added preview window to show animation and current frame.
* Added pixel-perfect region selection.
* Added ability to drag an entire region by the middle rather than by the edges.
* Fixed bug where setting the height of a frame in Pixel mode wouldn't properly set the height.

AnimationEditor Glue Plugin
AnimationEditor Glue Plugin
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