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The Advanced State Interpolation Plugin provides overrides to the InterpolateTo method which allows you to perform a number of different interpolations.

For more information on how to use this plugin, see this page:

Updated January 1, 2018
* Removed allocation of event caused by closure for tweener ended event.

Updated September 29, 2017
* Changed plugin name to StateInterpolatePlugin to support updating through GlueVault.
* Fixed bug where Running would not get set to false when elapsed > Duration.

Updated April 18, 2017
* Added Instant interpolation type

Updated September 1, 2014
* Tweener now has an owner

Updated June 16, 2014
* Added Shake Tweener class

Updated May 25, 2014
* If a Tweener made through the .Tween fluent interface is stopped it is removed from the TweenerManager next frame.

Updated December 13, 2013
* Added the .Tween("X").To(3).During(10).Using(interpolation type) fluent interface.

Updated June 23, 2013
* InterpolateToState will now immediately set the state to the from state so that the state is not delayed by one frame.

Updated April 2, 2013
* Added check in InterpolateToState to see if time is 0. If so, then the second state is immediately set.

Updated February 22, 2013
* Added code to make the State get set at the end of advanced interpolations. This fixes events not being raised at the end if the container has events for a variable for the given state.

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