Game Scripting Plugin


This plugin adds base classes to your project which can be used to create logic based scripts. Examples of these scripts include creating scripts for tutorials, cinematic sequences, and scripted level behavior.

Check this link for a tutorial:

Update January 5, 2016:
* Works with latest Glue plugin syntax.

Update January 24, 2015:
* Added support for IDisposable If's which can clean themselves up when the entire "And" or "Or" block is cleaned up.

Updated March 17, 2014:
* Fixed a number of compile errors.
* Added the AfterThat class.

Updated August 27, 2013:
* Fixed missing file reference.

Updated March 16, 2013:
* Removed redundant class and methods. Thanks to Jesse for reporting this.

Updated March 1, 2013:
* Added an overload to CreateGeneralDecision which can take a string description. This allows for custom display instead of relying on the call stack function names. Very useful for seeing argument values.

Updated February 12, 2013:
* Changed the namespace for winform debugging classes to FlatRedBall.Scripting.

Updated February 11, 2013:
* Added winforms classes for real-time debugging

Product File: 
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