FlatRedBall XNA 4.0 in Windows Form


This is a well-commented demo project that loads a FlatRedBall project (XNA 4.0) into a Windows Form. Because FlatRedBall makes use of static manager classes, it is easy to write and call methods in the currently running screen via the ScreenManager.

This project features a full Glue-created project with a demo entity and screen that can be altered in Glue and accessed in code within the Form. This is a great starting template for anybody that wants to create their own FlatRedBall tools, level editors, etc without writing their own GUI!

Note: The Game class is modified to the point that Glue cannot recognize it to change the project camera settings or startup screen. Everything else should work fine.

Update 1/25/2013 - The FlatRedBall engine now contains the Screen and ScreenManager classes, which broke this project. I fixed that problem but it seems like there are some delays when the engine first starts up. Either way, it's still a good place to start!

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