FlatRedBall in WPF


This easy-to-use project will allow you to jump in and start using FlatRedBall - inside WPF!

All your code goes into MainGame.cs, a convenient XNA Game lookalike.

NOTE #1: You can change the framerate of your project by changing the following:

_timer.Interval = TimeSpan.FromSeconds(1/60); // Invoked every 60th of a second

You can find this invocation inside Initialize in FlatRedBallGameBase.cs.

NOTE #2: When using any kind of WinForms interop inside of WPF you are not allowed to set "AllowsTransparency="True" on the containing window. That is a Win32 limitation and not something that can be solved in any way.

Updated August 16 2014:
* Fixed Cursor and Mouse not working properly
* Updated to latest FRB code
* Added WPF controls to show how they can exist side-by-side with FRB.

FlatRedBall in WPF
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