Flat Red Ball Chat Addin for Visual Studio 2013


Ever wish you could keep tabs on the Flat Red Ball chat room while you were working in Visual Studio? Tired of using Alt-Tab to see what's being said?

Look no further. This Visual Studio Addin will give you a window into the wonderful world of Flat Red Ball chat, right in your Visual Studio environment. Best of all, unlike Visual Studio's built in web browser, you can move and dock this window anywhere you want.

This adds "FrbChatter" to the View menu that opens the FRB Chat window in Visual Studio. If you want to have the FRB Chat opened when Visual Studio starts, you can set that in Tools->Add-in Manager in the menu. Just put a check mark in the box under "Start" beside FrbChatter, then click "Ok"

Plugins can not be installed on Visual Studio Express editions

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