Automatic AnimationChains generator for FlatRedBall Game Engine.

For cases when you need to create a lot of animations (AnimationChains) that can be parametrized.

Check for latest version on project's GitHub Releases page.

Saves you a lot of clicking in FRB Anim editor in case you for xample have character in your game that has "rotations" (walking down, walking left, walking right, shooting down, shooting left ..) that have same amount of animation frames per anim and rotation.

Made to only work with a single sprite sheet.

All frames (cells) of sprite sheet must have uniform size. (You can later pack the spritesheet and achx file with my AnimChainsSheetPacker tool)

Requires that the animation frames are layed out in sprite sheet in sorted manner:
each row representing a rotation, each column containing same frames in different rotations.

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